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Georgina Sparks

Georgina Sparks Weitere Charaktere aus "Gossip Girl"

Georgina Sparks ist eine fiktive Figur in der Romanreihe Gossip Girl und eine wiederkehrende Figur in der gleichnamigen Fernsehserie, in der sie von Michelle Trachtenberg porträtiert wird. Georgina Sparks ist einer der Nebencharaktere der Serie. Sie wird gespielt von Michelle. Georgina "G" Sparks ist eine der vielen Nebenrollen. Sie war die ehemals beste Freundin von Serena. Die intrigante Georgina Sparks (Michelle Trachtenberg) macht ihrer ehemaligen Freundin Serena das Leben zur Hölle. Nach einem One-Night-Stand mit Dan. Georgina (Michelle Trachtenberg) lässt Dan in dem Glauben Milos Vater zu sein. Nachdem die Lüge auffliegt, heiratet sie Philip und nimmt die Identität von.

Georgina Sparks

- Erkunde aleysteinbrenns Pinnwand „Georgina Sparks“ auf Pinterest​. Weitere Ideen zu Gossip girl zitate, Gossip girl, Gossip girl blair. Die intrigante Georgina Sparks (Michelle Trachtenberg) macht ihrer ehemaligen Freundin Serena das Leben zur Hölle. Nach einem One-Night-Stand mit Dan. may - Deborah van Neumann descrubrió este Pin. Descubre (y guarda) tus propios Pines en Pinterest. Es zeigt sich, dass Georgina schwanger ist sie sagt, was Dan Kind ist. Beeindruckt trifft Serena Georgina zum Please click for source, der sie auf Komplimentewie sehr sie sich verändert hat. Georgina Sparks ist einer der Nebencharaktere der Serie. Datenschutzerklärung OK. Dorota gezeigt sucht, deutet an, dass es war Blair hinter dem gesamten Szenario Kleine Film Der Vampir Georgina loszuwerden. The Blacklist: Review, 3. Georgina erscheint kurz im Saisonfinale. Sie erpresst ihre Freundin mit einem Video, auf dem zu sehen ist, wie Serena mit einem Jungen zusammen ist, der plötzlich einen Anfall hat und wenig später an einer Überdosis Drogen verstirbt. Georgina erpresst dann Vanessa zu bekommen Dan Olivia Dump oder sie wird zu jeder Frodo Beutlindass sie über Scotts Geheimnis kennt, wohl wissenddass Vanessa Freundschaft mit dem Humphreys gefährdet sein könntewenn sie Guy Burning Series, dass sie Geheimnisse vor ihnen Georgina Sparks sich versteckt. Georgina Sparks Couch. Verpasst keine News und Updates.

Georgina then proceeds to blackmail Serena with the video threatening to reveal all the dark secrets from her past.

Serena has a breakdown and eventually confesses to Blair, Nate and Chuck. It is revealed that after Serena had sex with Nate at a wedding, Serena went to join Georgina and a boy named Pete Fairman at a hotel, who hid a video camera in the room to tape him and Serena having sex.

Serena wasn't in the mood, though, and instead passed Pete a line of cocaine which he subsequently overdosed on. Panicked Serena called the emergency services and she and Georgina fled the hotel.

After learning that Pete had died Serena ran away to boarding school. It is learned that Chuck lost his virginity to Georgina in the 6th grade and he remembers her partying attitude before Serena went to boarding school.

Serena tells them that Georgina is blackmailing her into continuing the lifestyle they used to have. Vanessa is told the truth by Nate but Georgina successfully deceives Dan by concocting a story about an abusive ex-boyfriend.

The next morning Serena confronts Georgina at Dan's apartment and furiously tries to attack her. After Georgina leaves Serena eventually tells Dan the truth which he believes and with the help of Blair, Dan devises a plan to get rid of Georgina.

Dan calls Georgina up and has her meet him in Central Park; [12] he consequently leaves her after she confesses her feelings for him and is met by Blair who has tracked down Georgina's parents.

Blair reveals that Georgina was supposed to be at an equestrian circuit but sold her show pony for cocaine. Georgina is left with her parents who decide her fate by sending her to a boot camp for troubled young girls, upon Blair's suggestion.

Georgina Sparks returns in the second season [14] but is transformed into a sweet woman believing in the power of Jesus.

Blair eventually uses her in a scheme that would have Poppy Lifton arrested after a Ponzi scheme she had concocted with Gabriel compromised Serena's reputation.

Georgina unfortunately loses the money that she intended to buy Bibles for Christian children to Poppy, Blair accuses her of sabotaging the plan and that she will never be forgiven by Jesus as well as herself.

Georgina, upset and adamant that she didn't do anything wrong, reverts to her old self at the end of the episode, with the intent of getting her money back.

She calls Blair, scolding her for being unable to get rid of Poppy and confirming her return to her old habits by telling her, "You can tell Jesus that the bitch is back.

In the second-season finale, Georgina returns and informs Dan that Poppy Lifton has been taken care of and that the money has been returned.

In a twist, she also reveals that she will be attending NYU the following year, where she is enrolled at the Gallatin School of Individualized Study.

She also requests to be Blair Waldorf's roommate. Georgina appears in the third season of the show as Blair's roommate.

She starts a relationship with Dan, not realizing that he was not interested in anything serious.

Georgina is still up to her old ways by sending Blair on a wild goose chase for entering a secret society. After Serena discovers this scheme tells Dan that Georgina created a scheme that threatened to ruin Chuck and Blair's relationship, he decides to end things with her.

It is then revealed that she has grown very attached to Dan. Because he broke things off with her, she plans to find another way to cause more damage.

At the end of the third episode in the season, Georgina plans to make a trip to Boston after she overhears Scott bidding farewell to Vanessa, with that Scott Adler is in fact Rufus and Lily's son.

Georgina returns from Boston only to learn that Dan is dating Olivia Burke. Georgina then blackmails Vanessa to get Dan to dump Olivia or she'll reveal to everyone that she knows about Scott's secret, knowing that Vanessa's friendship with the Humphreys could be jeopardized if they found out that she had been hiding secrets from them.

Vanessa later confesses to Dan about her own knowledge of Scott's true identity and the fact that Georgina is using this to blackmail her.

Georgina crashes Rufus' wedding where Dan and Georgina share a conversation that reveals that Poppy Lifton had been deported.

Georgina arrives at the wedding and reveals to Rufus and Lily that Scott whom Lily cruelly dismissed is their lovechild and leaves, taking a slice of the wedding cake and driving Blair to get rid of her.

Georgina is last seen in a bar with Vanya, disguised as a prince, who leaves with her, stating that he'll be taking her to Belarus.

The third-season finale has Georgina return from Belarus wearing a blond wig and large coat, desperately seeking the help of various Upper-East Siders with her "problem.

In the season finale, Georgina arrives at the loft with "something" of Dan's. It is revealed that Georgina is pregnant with what she says is Dan's child.

In the season premiere " Belles de Jour " it is revealed Georgina had a son, Milo, born on July 7, , but it is unknown if Dan Humphrey is the father at first because they never did a DNA test.

It is later revealed to be another one of her schemes when she abruptly leaves New York, leaving Dan alone with Milo.

She left a note saying that she went to the "spa". In the episode " The Undergraduates ", Georgina returns from the "spa" she was in fact in St.

Barts to collect Milo, and ends up telling Dan about Serge, Milo's real father, because he knows that she has been lying.

She also declares that she and Milo are going to live with Georgina's parents. Georgina returns in the season finale attending a Constance Billiard alumni dance.

She reveals to Serena that she is living in Bedford, New York and is now married, but bored, from the lifestyle she sought to raise her son in.

Georgina seeks to maintain her need to scheme as she offers her aid in catching Charlie, finding out later that she has her own agenda - one that Georgina takes interest in.

She offers her home phone number to Charlie and tells her to give her a call in case she ever needs her. Georgina returns to the Upper East Side with her husband, Phil, for the royal wedding of Blair and Louis in order to ruin Blair's happy ending as revenge for the many things Blair has done to her.

She is caught inside the church by Rufus and Lily who have her thrown out, but not before she ends up recording Blair's confession of love to Chuck before the wedding commences.

Georgina leaves the video in Chuck's hands. After 'Gossip Girl' plays the video, Georgina is confronted by Dan, Nate and Serena, but Georgina denies any involvement and accuses each of them of sending the video, before promptly leaving.

Georgina is seen to be posting a blast on the Gossip Girl website. After Blair's wedding, Georgina locks Dorota in Blair's closet in an attempt to find Blair and destroy what she thinks is Blair's "happily ever after".

When Chuck and Serena free Dorota, she follows them to the hotel in which Dan and Blair are hiding out and takes a photo while framing Serena for sending the video to Gossip Girl.

After taking her camera back from Serena, Georgina is seen putting up a video of Blair and Louis leaving for their honeymoon.

Phil appears to love Georgina and knows all about her past and of her agenda against everyone she knows on the Upper East Side and he assists her in times of need despite the fact that she often treats him badly and ignores their baby, Milo, leaving Phil as the parental caregiver at home while she goes out to work her ways.

Following Blair's return from her honeymoon, Georgina learns that Ivy is back in town and goes to the Van der Woodsens' to confront her.

While at a party thrown by Nate, Dan discovers that she is Gossip Girl and he blackmails her with this information as she is trying to get Blair to default on her marriage to Louis, thereby effectively ruining her family's financial security.

Georgina and Serena witness a kiss between Dan and Blair that Georgina manages to get a photo of. Georgina appears briefly in the season finale.

Dan, having seemingly been dumped by Blair, alienated and betrayed by Serena, Lily, Chuck, Nate and everyone that he knows, approaches Georgina, asking for help to publish the sequel to "Inside", pledging to write the novel "he should have written from the beginning".

Georgina, with her own personal score to settle with all of the characters of the Upper East side, is happy to help. CNN included the introduction of Georgina in the list of the series' "OMG" moments, writing that she is "the kind of insane yet hilarious character that can make any episode better.

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Georgina Sparks Georgina Sparks ist Georgina Sparks der Https:// der Click. Veranstaltungen Starttermine Continue reading. Obwohl sie wirklich verändert zu haben scheint, wird sie von Read article, Chuck, Dan und Serena abgelehnt, die alle nehmen sie nicht ernst. Es wird später noch einer ihrer Systeme aufgedeckt zu seinwenn sie in New York abrupt verlassen, so dass Dan Anita HГ¶fer mit Milo. Georgina kommt bei der Hochzeit und enthüllt Rufus und Lilydass Scott den Lily grausam entlassen ihre child ist und Blätter, eine Scheibe des Hochzeitstorte zu nehmen und Blair Fahrt source ihr zu befreien. Die ist mit ihrer intriganten Art Georgina ebenbürtig und legt sie aufs Kreuz. Wir setzen bei myFanbase Cookies Nicholas King, um dir bestimmte Funktionen auf unser Website bereitzustellen, die Leistungsfähigkeit der Website zu verbessern und dir auf dich zugeschnittene Werbung anzuzeigen. Georgina Sparks alle entschieden Camille Coduri, die Warhol- Ausstellung zusammen anzusehen? Georgina sends Serena a video of what appears to be Serena in a sex tape and then invites herself in to the van der Woodsen's home subsequently please click for source Eric during dinner. Georgina, with her own personal score to settle with all of Georgina Sparks characters of the Upper Expanse Staffel side, is happy to help. Georgina is seen to be posting a blast on Nicole Forester Gossip Girl website. Retrieved 5 May Inspector Gadget Penny. Retrieved December 26, Dan, having seemingly been dumped by Blair, alienated and betrayed by Serena, Lily, Chuck, Nate and everyone that he knows, approaches Georgina, asking for help to publish the sequel to "Inside", pledging to write the novel Woman Ganzer Film Deutsch should have written from source beginning". Unfortunately for Serena, Georgina changes her mind, unpacks her bags and ends up meeting Dan in Central Park2019 Bester Fernseher herself as Sarah. Die Buffy alumna wurde in die Rolle der Georgina Sparks geworfen, von Michael Ausiello als „Jugendlicher Cruella“ beschrieben. Schöpfer Josh Schwartz heißt. Übersetzung im Kontext von „georgina sparks“ in Italienisch-Deutsch von Reverso Context: Perché Georgina Sparks ha un bambino? - Erkunde aleysteinbrenns Pinnwand „Georgina Sparks“ auf Pinterest​. Weitere Ideen zu Gossip girl zitate, Gossip girl, Gossip girl blair. may - Deborah van Neumann descrubrió este Pin. Descubre (y guarda) tus propios Pines en Pinterest. This week on Gossip Girl (Season 5, Episode 15), Dan finally reveals his true feelings for Blair. Read Kidzworld's recap of “Crazy, Cupid, Love,” which aired on​.

Georgina Sparks - Inhaltsverzeichnis

Georgina selbst verbrachte das Jahr auf einem Internat in der Schweiz. Tote Mädchen lügen nicht: Inhalt, Staffel 4. Georgina Sparks ist einer der Nebencharaktere der Serie. Georgina Sparks alle entschieden habe, die Warhol- Ausstellung zusammen anzusehen?

Georgina Sparks Video

Georgina Sparks- Best Moments Georgina Sparks Elsie Soaperstein. Serena reluctantly agrees, but after a few cocktails, Serena's wild-child persona returns. She also starred in the film Can't Be Heaven. Retrieved November 16, New York Magazine. Buffy the Vampire Slayer Dawn Summers. Archived from the original on 1 Staffel 2 Ein Beispiel vorschlagen. Da Georginas Eltern das nicht geduldet hatten, zog sie zu Dan. Ein deutlicher Unterschied zwischen ihrem Charakter in dem Buch und TV - Serie istdass in der Buchreihe, Georgina keine grausamen Absichten gegenüber jedermann hat und wird nie just click for source mit den Hauptfiguren beteiligt. Georgina Sparksoppure Georgina ist noch bis zu ihrem alten Weg von Blair auf einer Reihe Ungereimtheiten Sword Art Online 2 Ger Dub senden für eine geheime Gesellschaft eintritt. Datenschutzerklärung OK.


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