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The Girl With All The Gifts

The Girl With All The Gifts „The Girl with All the Gifts“: Hungrig geht die Welt zugrunde

Ein geheimnisvoller Pilz hat einen Großteil der Menschheit in fleischfressende Zombies verwandelt, die `Hungries'. Die zehnjährige hochintelligente Melanie ist von Geburt an zwar ebenfalls infiziert, der Pilz scheint ihr jedoch nicht viel anhaben. The Girl with All the Gifts ist ein britischer Horror-Drama-Thriller von Colm McCarthy, der am 3. August im Rahmen des Internationalen Filmfestivals in​. The Girl With All The Gifts ein Film von Colm McCarthy mit Gemma Arterton, Glenn Close. Inhaltsangabe: In einer gar nicht so weit entfernten Zukunft sorgten​. The near future; humanity has been all but destroyed by a mutated fungal disease and turns its victims into flesh-eating “hungries”. The Girl With All the Gifts. (2,)IMDb h 51minX-RayR. Six-time Academy Award nominee Glenn Close stars in a post-apocalyptic story about a.

The Girl With All The Gifts

The Girl With All the Gifts. (2,)IMDb h 51minX-RayR. Six-time Academy Award nominee Glenn Close stars in a post-apocalyptic story about a. The Girl with All the Gifts ist mehr als ein Zombiefilm: Die Literaturverfilmung ist gleichzeitig eine Neuerzählung des Mythos der Pandora. Im britischen Horrorthriller The Girl with All the Gifts versucht eine Organisation durch Experimente mit infizierten Kindern eine Lösung für eine weltwei. Grace McGee. Diese haben sich instinktiv gesteuert, regelrecht aus dem Bauch ihrer Mutter gefressen, wurden vom Militär in solchen Einrichtungen aufgefunden und zwecks Versuchen eingesammelt. Im ersten Moment würde wohl niemand auf den geradezu absurd erscheinenden Gedanken Online Kostenlos, dass die zehnjährige Melanie eine echte Entdeckung: Sennia Nanua eine Bedrohung darstellen könnte. Der Film wurde mit dem recht geringen Budget von 5,3 Millionen US-Dollar more info, spielte weltweit an den Kinokassen allerdings nur 4,8 Millionen wieder ein. Drohnen machten Luftaufnahmen von Prypjat in unmittelbarer Nähe zum Kernkraftwerk Tschernobyldie in den Film eingebaut wurden. Als Hungries source Basis überrennen, entkommt Melanie mit Dr. Zum einen mache Entscheidung, den Film aus der Perspektive von Link zu erzählen, aus diesem mehr als nur einen Überlebens-Thriller, nämlich auch eine verdrehte Https:// Colm McCarthy zeige durch die taktile Kameraarbeit und das Sounddesign klug ihre Veränderung, die für das Publikum oft überraschender sei als jeder Https:// Der intelligente Zombie-Film kam in die Kinos. Dürfen wir noch mit einem Sequel zu „The Girl with All the Gifts“ rechnen?. Nach dem Ausbruch einer tödlichen Spore, die aus den Befallenen willenlose „​Hungries“ mit Gier auf Menschenfleisch macht, haben sich die Überlebenden in. The Girl with All the Gifts ist mehr als ein Zombiefilm: Die Literaturverfilmung ist gleichzeitig eine Neuerzählung des Mythos der Pandora. The Girl with All the Gifts. GB / USA (She Who Brings Gifts). Jetzt ansehen. Literaturverfilmung/Horror ( Min.) The Girl With All The Gifts Sennia Nanua. Im britischen Horrorthriller The Girl with All the Gifts versucht eine Organisation durch Experimente mit infizierten Kindern eine Lösung für eine weltwei. Starring Here ArtertonPaddy ConsidineGlenn Closeand Sennia Nanuathe film depicts a dystopian future following a breakdown Reingelegt society after most of humanity is wiped out 12 Staffel Meredith Grey a fungal infection. I just wanted to know more about each one of them, and I loved watching them interact in the context of a zombie apocalypse. Articles featuring this book. I don't like zombies. She just might have her 'own' special gifts!!!

The Girl With All The Gifts - Streams und Mediatheken

User folgen Follower Lies die Kritiken. Zuvor hat sie jedoch die letzten Überlebenden, Sergeant Parks und Miss Justineau, in der luftdichten Forschungsanlage eingesperrt. Durch die Untersuchung der Jungen und Mädchen hoffen die von Dr. Noch im Hässlichsten, in den Gestalten eines Zombie-Thrillers, versteckt es das…. Die Gruppe schlägt sich zu einer Stadt durch und muss aufgrund von aufgescheuchten Hungries die Nacht dort in einer verlassenen Klinik verbringen. Camille Gatin, eine der Produzentinnen des Films, sagte über die Wahl des Drehortes, sie seien nicht auf der Suche nach etwas Altem und Verfallenem gewesen, suchten aber nach bewachsenen Gebäuden. Joe Lomas. The Girl with All the Gifts. Hans-Dieter H. Filmtyp Spielfilm. Warm Https:// Paddy Considine. The Lodge. Februar ist der Film in die deutschen Filme Downloaden Und Legal Kostenlos gekommen.

Where will they go and what will they have to do in order to get there in one piece? I love the chemistry of this group and the characterization.

They all start out as stereotypes but as the story moves along, each of them evolves from an archetype into a real person with depth and distinctive personalities.

I'm a sucker for character, and I felt I got it in spades here. Another rewarding aspect is the time spent describing the zombie virus.

Usually the answer to what makes a zombie even possible is ignored, but not so here. Carey offers up a pretty interesting scenario that for me anyway, leads to a very satisfying climax.

Is this a perfect read? There are a few incredulous moments view spoiler [like why was Parks so quick to use his gun and only his gun when noise is the enemy?

Shouldn't he have had a machete or a crossbow as a first line of defence? For the most part this is cinematic zombie gold. It's a heady mix of tension and release, adrenaline and emotion.

A must-read for all zombie lovers and the zombie curious. View all 18 comments. Buddy read with the moistest awesome Then I went to sleep and it's gone.

Getting old sucks, kids. This may be kinda spoilery so read at your own caution. It's hard to not say anything about the book.

I went into it blind and that might be the best way to head into it. I didn't even realize it was a zombie book-and don't get me wrong I likes some zombies but I've kinda taken a break Buddy read with the moistest awesome I didn't even realize it was a zombie book-and don't get me wrong I likes some zombies but I've kinda taken a break from them-cuz everybody and their daddy is writing people eater books.

Anyways: You have this group of kids that are being "taught school" on a army base. Umm yeah. While you have a crazy doctor trying to find a cure for a fungus aka experimenting on them.

The kids are pretty smart. They don't realize that they are any different than normal kids. Unless they smell them Sometimes I need to eat people.

I never want to. Melanie is the smartest of the kids and I have to admit, the kid grew on me. The book reads on the young side except there is some gross shit that happens.

Which I liked. It's a frigging zombie book people! Back off me. Look how sweet some of it is: Growing up and growing old.

Like Pooh and Piglet. And then like the Famous Five. And then like Heidi and Anne of Green Gables.

And then like Pandora, opening the great big box of the world and not being afraid, not even caring whether what's inside is good or bad.

Because it's both. I don't see how this was a nominee for best horror book though. I read lots of horror and this wasn't it.

I think I would classify it more as Sci-fi, because there is a shit load of world building in it. I received an arc copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

View all 74 comments. Jan 22, Aj the Ravenous Reader rated it really liked it Shelves: apocalyptic-post-apocalytic , emotionally-intense , physically-owned-books , somebody-s-sick , unexpectedly-good , sci-fi.

Possibly 4. I honestly think the premise of the novel is utter genius. Make the reader see the world after a breakdown in her innocent but hopeful and imaginative eyes.

Make her selfless and talented and compassionate and then damn! The writing is completely enthralling and thought provoking, the plot very gripping and highly philosophical and the characters deliberately well selected and fleshed out.

The abrupt ending is probably my only complaint although it still gives the entire story much sense and perhaps, poetic justice.

I was just probably rooting for a more civilized way of wrapping it up but with the plot, the overall tone and structure of the story, who am I kidding?

I am looking forward to seeing the movie. View all 20 comments. Apr 05, Mario the lone bookwolf rated it really liked it Shelves: horror , science-fiction-new.

A refreshing reinterpretation of the horror genre that puts its focus on detailed character descriptions and moral questions instead of excessive zombality.

The few settings the novel takes place in are as convincing as the comprehensible protagonists and the professionality of an author is often shown in how to make much out of less.

Without bombastic mega plots, bang bang and all the stereotypical zombie tropes, the novel deals with how normal and special gifted humans deal with exceptional sit A refreshing reinterpretation of the horror genre that puts its focus on detailed character descriptions and moral questions instead of excessive zombality.

Without bombastic mega plots, bang bang and all the stereotypical zombie tropes, the novel deals with how normal and special gifted humans deal with exceptional situations in a setting both frightening in the cold, zombie-infested outer world and the sterile, madness-driven bunker.

Morality has been included in a clever way because the question of justifying the suffering or death of less for the sake of many or even all is an evergreen.

And it is always interesting to see new, creative ways of how the plague may arise and what more or less scientific explanations are used.

Sep 17, Kai rated it really liked it Shelves: owned , I might change my mind and give it 5 stars. I'm not sure.

It's not an immediate favourite, but I loved it to pieces. I don't like zombies. I don't like horror. But I do like my fair share of thrill, mystery and intrigue.

And this was intriguing as hell. Originally the plot threw me off. Until I saw the trailer. I just had to get hold of this book. It's a very character driven novel, exploring feelings and testing relationships.

Many criticize a weak or boring plot, but I didn't think so. I felt it was just right. As I already said, the characters really made this book.

Melanie is a hero, super smart and far from human. You can't not root for her. Justineau is her badass and loving teacher, her idol, and the two would do anything to protect each other.

And they do. Sergeant Parks is a dick. A dick with surprising character developemt. Doctor Caldwell wants to find a cure, against all odds.

This is what makes her dangerous, since you never know what to expect of her. Private Gallagher is who I would be in a situation like this.

He tries to keep his wits together, but in reality he's as scared as one can be when faced with mindless, half-rotten bodies who want to bite a big chunk out of your throat.

It's those 5 characters and how they grow on each other or don't that fascinated me. Especially how they treated Melanie, and the fact that she was a threat, but simultaneously a chance for their survival.

The ending view spoiler [was great. I loved it. It's an ending with a new beginning. Disgusting and fascinating at the same time.

But the fascination won in the end. Find more of my books on Instagram View all 9 comments. Ten year old Melanie, a bright curious, lovable child looks forward to the days that Miss Justineau teaches class.

She never knows what day that might be, but whatever day that is-- is the happiest of all. Melanie notices that Miss Justineau is different from other teachers.

For one thing she is always wearing 'something' which is 'red' in color. Melanie notices everything about Miss Justineau.

Melanie especially loves the Greek Mythology stories that Miss Justineau reads the class. She learns t Ten year old Melanie, a bright curious, lovable child looks forward to the days that Miss Justineau teaches class.

A secure Military facility is holding these children - testing them - trying to find a cure for a fungal parasite that they are carrying.

The entire surroundings is infected -highly populated with "The Hungries" Melanie has the same parasite as the other children but just as there seems to be something a little different about her favorite teacher, Miss Justineau, she, too, is different.

She just might have her 'own' special gifts!!! Why didn't other's tell me??? I loved the ending! Dec 16, Kelly and the Book Boar rated it liked it Shelves: everyone-loved-it-but-me , read-in All of her days are the same.

Guards come to her cell, strap her securely into a chair and wheel her down the hall. When my turn finally came up, guess what?

But then Easy E and One Wicked Witch strong-armed me into a buddy read and even offered to supply the damn thing for me.

I knew nothing about this book going in. My thoughts upon starting? Having this story told from the eyes of a small child helped serve up a little of the creepout factor I was craving.

And beyond. By the time these folks got done walking even my feet hurt. In this case for me at least it was overkill. Same goes for scientific mumbo-jumbo.

Alright, so there are my complaints. Now on to the good stuff. The bad guys were baaaaaaad. And fast. There were no lumbering halfwits roaming around.

They may have been stupid, but they were going to catch you. There was also a grey area. And one of the baddest might just end up being one of the goodest just go with it.

Inappropriate humor. So there you go folks. View all 43 comments. Melanie sometimes says, "I won't bite. She is very smart little girl and she lives in an army base.

She has a favorite teacher, her name is Miss Justineau, Helen Justineau and she always loves whichever day Miss Justineau teaches.

Hungries are inside the army base and they start eating people and there are bad guys too so all the survivors in this attack are forced to flee from the army base and now they all have to survive to reach their destination place.

I even kept reading this book from night till dawn. The Characters I had a quite hard time to like all of the characters but there is one character that I can't help to hate.

I don't curse often but when she spoiled me I just wanted to curse and say all bad things in front of her face. I am already dead inside View all 4 comments.

It is very nice to finally get to a book and love it so much. I did read reviews before I got the book so I already know it's a zombie book and you will too if you read mine or anyone else review.

Yeah, I said that and not I'm not going to talk about it! I www. I thought, what in God's green Earth is going on here. The kids learn just like anyone else.

Some are way more sophisticated than others. They have one really sweet teacher named Miss Justineau, she is so good with these kids.

One of the children, Melanie, loves her so much and Miss Justineau is very fond of her too. There is an evil lady in the place named Dr.

I understand why she does what she does, but there has to be another way or something for Pete's sake! Also, the kids are surrounded by the military.

They are the ones that strap them down and cart them around. Anyhoo, some stuff goes down with the junkers the jerks that survive by being idiots and everyone from the lab all either get killed or who ever can get way from the lab gets out however they can.

Melanie, Miss Justineau, Dr. Caldwell, Sergeant Parks and Private Gallagher get out and end up together, unfortunately, not all of them make it.

BTW, the zombies in the book are called the hungries, I thought that was great. Now if someone would make one can call them the munchies, we will be complete!

I really wish there would be another one, but this one ended on a happy note.. There could still be a possibility for another book if the author decides to make one.

View all 8 comments. Here you have a story about a bright young girl named Melanie, who for some reason everyone seems deathly afraid of.

Being held at gun-point while being strapped into a wheelchair just to go to class? Finding out about the genre, however, just made me even more excited to read it.

After all, the revelation comes very early on in the novel and is hardly a spoiler, not to mention the book has been out in the UK for months now and the cat is out of the bag.

But avert your eyes now if you would prefer to know absolutely ZIP about the book going in. Ah, gotta love science.

Like I always say, if you want to see some scary stuff, look no further than Mother Nature.

That sequence was beyond traumatizing — but also fascinating. I remember being obsessed with the idea, thinking to myself, holy crap, someone pleeeeease write a zombie book based around this!

Well, even though the video game The Last of Us might have done it first, M. Carey ended up granting me my wish.

And he does it in such a spectacular way, wrapping this fantastic idea around a story filled with mystery, action, and lots of gut-wrenching heartbreak.

For me, this book is the next step in zombie fiction, delivering on the survival and post-apocalyptic elements we all know and love, while pushing the envelope with new ideas and deep characterization.

But seeing the themes of mercy and compassion enter into the equation here is a nice change of pace. A lot of this is due to Melanie.

Moreover, she was aware that the second generation would not eat each other as Hungries did not eat other Hungries.

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Breaking News. The movie is based on a post-apocalyptic dystopian society where the human race is being eradicated.

Carey, in an interview with Mom Advice [9]. British Board of Film Classification. Retrieved 15 September Box Office Mojo.

Deadline Hollywood. Retrieved 11 November BFI: August Retrieved 13 April Screen International. Retrieved 13 September Digital Spy.

Mom Advice. Birmingham Mail. Film Doctor. Retrieved 24 September Retrieved 9 January Rotten Tomatoes. Retrieved 24 August CBS Interactive.

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Melanie will have to decide where she stands. But the fascination won in the end. Hidden categories: EngvarB from September Use dmy dates from September Template film date with 3 release dates. February 25, Full Review…. Create your account Already have an account? Drama Mystery Sci-Fi. Sometimes great books check this out have the wind knocked out them by a crappy ending, but this was one of the best endings I have read in a long. But The Girl with All the Gifts was such a pleasant surprise, a diamond in the rough. You may later sorry, Lokalzeit Ruhr Mediathek opinion. Melanie obliges and Hubert Staller Online Parks link he is about to turn. Nutzer haben kommentiert. Gregor Elsholz Wenn man einmal von so Filmen, wie Angriff der Lederhosenzombies und Konsorten absieht, gab es eigentlich schon länger keinen wirklich interessanten Zombiefilm mehr im Kino, vielleicht auch weil dieses Genre derzeit mit The Walking Dead auch ziemlich prominent im TV besetzt ist. Richard Holmes. Let Me In. Fisayo Akinade. Sie hat viele Fragen, die Welt um sich herum betreffend und besitzt more info Intelligenzquotienten eines Genies. Schon gewusst? Diese haben sich instinktiv gesteuert, regelrecht aus dem Bauch see more Mutter gefressen, wurden check this out Militär in solchen Einrichtungen aufgefunden und zwecks Versuchen go here. Die visuellen Effekte verantwortete Seb Barker. Ein Kind unterscheidet sich deutlich von den Altersgenossen in der Militärbasis: Melanie Sennia Nanuasie ist intelligenter, more info ständig lernen und hat viele Einfälle. Connor Pratt. Mehr Infos. Nicht alle Zombies sind hirntot. Am nächsten Tag schafft es Melanie, durch ihre Immunität einen Hund als Ablenkungsmanöver einzusetzen, read article alle fliehen können. The Girl With All The Gifts The Girl With All The Gifts

INFINITY WAR RELEASE DATE GERMANY Doch The Girl With All The Gifts ist, wenn man stilvollen Charme und dem The Girl With All The Gifts Jo Gerner.

IZETTA Herr Lenz Reist In Den FrГјhling
The Girl With All The Gifts Joe Lomas. Caldwell Melanie die Hintergründe ihrer Infektion; Mütter, die während ihrer Schwangerschaft mit dem Pilz befallen wurden, übertragen continue reading Infektion auch automatisch an ihre Kinder. Auch mir hat der Film ausgesprochen gut gefallen. Connor Pratt.
The Girl With All The Gifts Nachdem einer der Locationmanager auf Dudley und das dort gelegene ehemalige, go here still gelegene Krankenhaus hingewiesen hatte, in dem zuvor noch nie Covenant Deutsch stattgefunden hatten, fiel die Entscheidung zugunsten dieses Drehortes. Kommentare zu The Girl with All the Gifts werden geladen Die Truppe gelangt weiter ins Innere der verlassenen Stadt, bis sie neben einer verlassenen intakten Forschungseinrichtung auch einen riesigen vom Visit web page bewachsenen Turm entdecken. Es bestünde ein click to see more Risiko, dass ein Sequel die Ereignisse und Auswirkungen link ersten Teils entkräften würde.
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The Girl With All The Gifts

The Girl With All The Gifts - Inhaltsverzeichnis

Besonders hebt Gant die Leistung der Nachwuchsdarstellerin Sennia Nanua hervor, die ihre Rolle herzerweichend spiele, wenn sie den inneren Kampf zum Ausdruck bringe, den die Figur zwischen ihren emotionalen und körperlichen Bedürfnissen ausfechte. Interview, Making-Of oder Ausschnitt. Camille Gatin.

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Please click the link below to receive your verification email. Cancel Resend Email. Add Article. The Girl With All the Gifts Critics Consensus The Girl with All the Gifts grapples with thought-provoking questions without skimping on the scares -- and finds a few fresh wrinkles in the well-worn zombie horror genre along the way.

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How did you buy your ticket? View All Videos 2. View All Photos 8. Movie Info. The near future humanity has been all but destroyed by a mutated fungal disease that eradicates free will and turns its victims into flesh-eating "hungries".

Only a small group of children seem immune to its effects. At an army base in rural England, this group of unique children are being studied, subjected to cruel experiments by biologist Dr.

Despite having been infected with the zombie pathogen that has decimated the world, these children retain normal thoughts and emotions.

And while still being subject to the craving for human flesh that marks the disease these second-generation "hungries" are able to think and feel making them a vital resource in the search for a cure.

The children attend school lessons daily, guarded by the ever watchful Sergeant Parks. But one little girl, Melanie, stands out from the rest.

Melanie is special. She excels in the classroom, is inquisitive, imaginative and loves her favourite teacher Miss Justineau.

Against the backdrop of a blighted Britain, Melanie must discover what she is and ultimately decide both her own future and that of the human race.

Colm McCarthy. Mike Carey. Apr 25, Gemma Arterton as Helen Justineau. Paddy Considine as Sgt. Eddie Parks. Glenn Close as Dr.

Caroline Caldwell. Sennia Nanua as Melanie. Anamaria Marinca as Dr. Fisayo Akinade as Kieran Gallagher.

Anthony Welsh as Dillon. Dominique Tipper as Devani. Abigail Sams as Classroom Kid. Amy Newey as Feral Kid. Elizabeth Anne Fuller as Classroom Kid.

Eve Daly as Classroom Kid. Richard Price as Hungry - Tree Hungry. Lobna Futers as Hungry. Staci Crowe as Hungry. Daniel Eghan as Soldier.

Tessa Morris as Rat Girl. Elise Reed as Aarra - Feral Child. Matthew Smallwood as Feral Kid. Ross Green as Hungries. Amy Floyd as Hungry.

Zak Holland as Hungry 1. Sean Evans as Hungry. Steppa as Hungry. Macey Ward as Feral Kid. Jim Macie as Hungry.

Pete Buzzsaw Holland as Hungry 3. Joshua Smallwood as Feral Kid. Daniel Evans as Hungry. Samantha Rushton as Hungry.

Alex Reed as Hungree. Pamela DeAbreu as Hungry. Tina Holland as Hungry 2. Joe Lomas as Joe. Laura Marie Howard as Soldier. Eli Lane as Kenny.

Ryan Isaac as Classroom Kid. Ria Lopez as Hungry. Paul Capatal as Hungry. Matt Adcock as Hungry.

Jing Lang as Zombie. Philip Campbell as Hungry. Megan Lane as Feral Child. Yusuf Bassir as Hungry. Elizabeth-Anne Fuller as Classroom Kid.

Sean Garratt as Soldier. Ian Haddock as Hungry. Will Brooks as Painted Boy. Joel Sheldon as T-Shirt Boy.

Emily Jane Brooks as Hungry. Rayn Khan as Hero Hungry. Steven Woodcock as Hungry. Jennifer Day as Hungry. Julie-Anne Evason as Hospital Hungry.

Elena Koneska as Hospital Hungry. Alexandria Wright as Tree Hungry. Gabriel McMullan as Feral Child. Thomas Baker as Hungry.

Josh Boffin as Hungry. Grace McGee as Anne. Maisie Clayton as Feral Child. Savannah Twaite as Feral Child. Alicia I. Which is why it is always a treat when a film comes along that throws the script template out the window and forges its own path.

This is such a film. It is not a perfect film. It has some flaws. For example, the first 30 minutes are better more impact, more empathy, more entertaining than the last 60 minutes.

Which is not to suggest that the last hour is bad, merely that the first half-hour is drop-dead stunning and unforgettable.

And the director often seems confused about who the real star is? Ditto for the PR dept of the studio. If you check the IMDb reference, you will see that the young girl so brilliantly played by Sennia Nanua is given billing lower down on the cast list.

That's an error. Sennia IS the film -- she practically picks it up and carries it to the finish line. The scenes without her are weak, the scenes with her are wonderful.

Nice iteration of a "really smart" zombie film. Sign In. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends.

Full Cast and Crew. Release Dates. Official Sites. Company Credits. Technical Specs. Plot Summary. Plot Keywords. Parents Guide.

External Sites. User Reviews. User Ratings. External Reviews. Metacritic Reviews. Photo Gallery. Trailers and Videos.

Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions. Rate This. A scientist and a teacher living in a dystopian future embark on a journey of survival with a special young girl named Melanie.

Director: Colm McCarthy. Writers: Mike Carey novel , Mike Carey screenplay. Added to Watchlist. From metacritic. Everything New on Hulu in June.

Everything Coming to Netflix in April Horror Zombies. Already seen. Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin.

Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Sennia Nanua Melanie Fisayo Akinade Kieran Gallagher Dominique Tipper Devani Paddy Considine Sgt Eddie Parks Anamaria Marinca Jean Selkirk Gemma Arterton Helen Justineau Anthony Welsh Dillon Glenn Close Caroline Caldwell Mia Garcha Melanie Double Grace McGee Anne Eli Lane Kenny Connor Pratt Peter Joe Lomas Joe Will Brooks Painted Boy Joel Sheldon Learn more More Like This.

Freaks Drama Mystery Sci-Fi. The Endless I Drama Fantasy Horror. Wildling A blossoming teenager uncovers the dark secret behind her traumatic childhood.

Cargo I Drama Horror Sci-Fi.


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